Frequently Asked Questions

Our system converts your physical mailbox address into a ShipTo Proxy address. The ShipTo Proxy address is fully recognized by major shipping vendor’s like UPS and FedEX. Use the ShipTo Proxy address the same way you’ve always used your true mailing address.


Register and receive a ShipTo Proxy Address.


Share your ShipTo Proxy with senders.


Receive packages from UPS and Fedes without ever revealing your true mailing address to the sender.

UPS and FEDEX (working on it)

Privacy and security are major concerns for individuals, families and businesses. There are a multitude of reasons why you might want to keep your true mailing address private without the added inconvenience of picking up mail at a P.O. Box, whether you don't want your mailing address sold to companies who will send you junk mail or you want to maintain your privacy from an ex-husband or ex-wife. Maybe there's someone you simply don't trust, and you don't want them to know your physical home address -- or worse, showing up at your home. Maybe you don’t want clients showing up at your office but still want to receive mail from them. ShipTo Proxy ensures your true mailing address is only known by those you choose to give it to, adding a much-needed layer of privacy in the modern world.

You can request we deactivate the current ShipTo Proxy address rendering it useless. We will then issue you a new ShipTo Proxy address. Mail can then no longer be sent to the deactivated ShipTo Proxy address. That's one great thing about using a proxy. If someone unwanted gets your real physical mailing address, the only way to prevent them showing up on your doorstep or sending you unwanted mail is to move.

As many times as you'd like.

Absolutely. You can make it anything you want, a sports team, a nickname -- anything. The ShipTo Proxy gives you the power to convert a physical mailing adress into something fun, easy and memorable while also protecting your privacy. Learn more